• Alive with opportunity

  • Over 500,000 sq ft
    of leisure & retail space

  • £3 billion investment

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Each of the neighbourhood's four districts will serve the community in a different way and have its own unique retail and leisure opportunities.

25 units 133,353 sq ft 1st phase open from Q4 2018

What The Village looks like

What it looks like

There will be treats and surprises around every corner, whether you’re on the way to the station in the morning or picking up dinner in the evening. You might grab a coffee in an award-winning coffee shop, chill in Elvin Square, collect your dry cleaning, pick up a paper and then nip next door to find something for dinner from the bakery or organic butcher. And maybe even a little bottle of something nice from the wine shop, where you attended a fabulous wine tasting last month.

The Village
What The Village feels like

What it feels like

It will be the heart of Wembley Park for residents and visitors. It will be brimming with creativity, with a library, a new theatre and 26 art studios dotted around. You’ll want to spend all day here, work here and entertain here. It’s not the high street experience: it’s something you’ll want to tell your foodie friends about. The restaurants here will make you feel like you have come home.


  • Wembley Park Gate

  • NW08

  • NW08 Mezzanine

  • NW07

21 units 76,091 sq ft 1st phase open from Q4 2019

What The Boulevard looks like

What it looks like

Enjoy an amazing lunch with friends and then amble down to an eye-popping concept store. Maybe even walk to a major home retailer and pick up that life hack you’ve been eyeing on their website. That evening, grab a few pints and watch a stand-up comedy gig, or try your luck down the bowling lane.

The Boulevard
What The Boulevard feels like

What it feels like

A place where a casual day trip can become the best day out of the year. The go-to destination for events, the best restaurants in Wembley Park and the biggest names in entertainment. Wembley Stadium and The SSE Arena, Wembley host events every few days, bringing in the crowd, while the dining experiences keep them there. Creative, theatrical experiences you won’t forget.

You can also enjoy a whole day of grabbing bargains without ever leaving the area, thanks to the London Designer Outlet. Next door you might have a flagship concept store from an international brand, offering a unique immersive experience. And with five hotels, you can shop ’til you drop the next day too.


  • WO3

  • W06A

  • W06B

8 units 21,259 sq ft 1st phase open from Q4 2019

What White Horse Square looks like

What it looks like

From cafés to convenience stores, newsagents to banks, pharmacies to a complete NHS centre. All your everyday needs, alongside a trusted greengrocer and occasional farmers’ market. The deeper you get into Wembley Park, the more exciting the experiences become; ensuring that the Square acts as a melting pot of Wembley locals and people from further afield. It’s where people connect.

White Horse Square
What White Horse Square feels like

What it feels like

A collection of national and local retailers that are welcoming and well known. It will be a gateway into Wembley Park from the station and from Wembley High Road, home to all your day-to-day needs.


  • SW01

  • SW02

  • SW03

  • SW07

15 units 42,354 sq ft 1st phase open from Q4 2020

What The Park looks like

What it looks like

A brand-new outdoor space to encourage health and wellbeing in the community, in the foreground of Wembley Stadium, a global sports icon. Featuring running routes, freshwater children’s paddling, a multi-use games area, equipment for exercise classes and a crèche, anchored by a state-of-the-art gym and two outdoor performance areas.

The Village
What The Park feels like

What it feels like

Olympic Way provides a focus for big sporting events for visitors, but the Park will be the sporting focus for the community. It’s where you’ll come for your evening run and your Sunday morning 5-a-side league. But as much as it will be an indoor-to-outdoor gym, it will be a space to relax, unwind and meet up. A family space, full of dog walkers, new parents with their pushchairs and kids playing in and around the children’s play.


  • EO1/02 Lower ground

  • EO1/02 Upper